DCA Touring Strategy post EMH

Our only choice this trip is to visit DCA on a day where there are EMH. However, we are not staying onsite so we will not have access to them. I am traveling with a friend who wants to ride guardians (I do not). So my initial idea was for him to rope drop guardians, I’ll rope drop RSR single rider, and we’ll meet up and get World of Color fastpasses and head to Midway Mania. Do you think this strategy will work? Or will the single rider line at RSR already be backed up from EMH? Thanks for your help in advance!

I have no idea on the line lengths at Guardians, haven’t been since it was still ToT.

As for RSR, because the cars are arranged for two rows of three, the Single Rider line moves fairly well at all times of day. I doubt that you’ll wait more than 20 mins even after the EMH, if you head over at RD.

Your plan should work contingent on the RSR SR being open. When it is open it runs very quickly (faster than FP in my experience) but they do wait for the standby queue to fill up before opening it.

With this plan & being behind EMH (which really isn’t a huge disadvantage because of the small on-site footprint), I would be sure to arrive as early as possible to line up for RD to take advantage of near-EMH like lines.

If you are at/near the front of the turnstile lines, they often let you in 15-30 min. early & you can each get in prime position at your respective ropes- for GotG your friend will want to line up at the Hollywood Land rope and for RSR you’ll want to line up on the right-hand side of the center rope that goes down the path to Carsland/Paradise Park/Pixar Pier.

You could also consider purchasing MaxPass for the day as all of the attractions you have mentioned are eligible for FP & with MaxPass you can begin selecting your first FP as soon as you enter the turnstiles, even if it’s during EMH or before park open. We have tried MaxPass once & I found it super convenient for being able to accomplish, RSR, GotG & all other headliners (in both DL & DCA) with lots of ease & convenience (which positioning at RD is usually the opposite as you feel like you have to man your ground & speed-walk/run).

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