DBF's 5 Days of Fun at WDW: A Trip Report

It is so nice when loved ones begin to see that there is a reason behind our crazy planning!


I think my parents went more to Disney. I am catching up. They weren’t there since about five years. My dad is 87.

So I’ll end my posts with my thoughts on…

So, just as with every trip, we did a lot of “firsts.” Aside from an extreme uptick in meeting characters (finally meeting Mickey!), and doing character meals (Tusker House FOREVER!), like I mentioned above, there were plenty of things that were new to me. My thoughts, in no particular order:

Country Bear Jamboree: Yes, you read that right. I’ve never been to CBJ before! And it was silly fun, old-school Disney, and surprisingly “adult” in humor… that sing-along is something else. I liked the talking heads on the walls best! I’ve done it, and I’m glad. Probably not again for years, unless they add adult beverages to MK, Grade: C

Soarin’ Around the World: LOVED IT! CGI didn’t bother me. Transitions were cool and startling in a fun way. Loved the spice smell over the Taj Mahal. And we were in section C and experienced no distortions whatsoever. Counting the days until I see it again! Grade: A

Frozen Ever After: LOVED IT EVEN MORE! It is stunning from start to finish - the sound is amazing and the visuals are also wonderful. I clapped my hands with uncontrolled glee, and actually got teary at “Let It Go!” The ceiling as you go down the hill backwards is so pretty! And so glad to see Norway all done and as lovely as ever. Grade: A+

Via Napoli: AMAZING! Amazing pizza, amazing service. Had the 4 cheese pizza with sausage and a delicious frozen lemon adult beverage… yum-o! Loved it so much, I added a ressie for our January trip at the table! Grade: A+

50’s Prime Time Cafe Loved this place, too! Had Mother’s Sampler and dream about it regularly! We had a great waiter - Ryan, I think - and he was hilarious! I never realized how much I naturally lean on the table until he kept calling me on it. And the blue drink from Dad’s - again an adult beverage that I can’t think of the name of… made a ressie for here in January, too! Grade: A+

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular UNBELIEVABLE! The best night time thing I’ve ever seen. It felt like being in the movies at times. My aunt, who has never seen a single one of the films loved it, too. She kept saying, “I can’t believe this!” over and over. Grade: Is there anything higher than an A+?

Jungle Book: Alive with Magic I loved the space it is in, and for what it is, the show is pretty theatrical and powerful. I don’t think there are harder working dancers on the WDW payroll, and the singers were great. I’m really glad I saw it, and can’t wait to see ROL now. Grade: B

Kilimanjaro Safari - Nighttime I know it is a crap shoot as to what you see in the day time - our earlier morning safari was very active. And I guess luck was on our side, because the night time - just at the end of dusk - was terrific! Lots of animals, some very close to the truck. Lighting was cool, too. Definitely doing both times again! Grade: A

Tree of Life Awakenings It made me cry. Enough said. Grade: A+

And so the countdown begins again…


Oh my! My trip is in less than two weeks…but I think I have to change some of my plans to incorporate what you have shared with us tonight!!

Thank you for the inspiration!!

We love Via Napoli and 50’s too. Yummy!

Awesome report , thanks for sharing! !!!

Oh! I love your wrap up! Thank you!

What are your January dates?

Country Bears is a rest and cool off attraction that you only have to wait for the last group to get out. A must in hot weather. Same for Tiki Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress.

I totally agree… have never done Tiki… it’s become a joke with me an my DBF. It is in our plans TWICE this time, just to make sure we get there once!

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January 7 - 14… are you going to be there then, too?


Ahhh!! We arrive on the 14th. Dang, I tried to convince the family to go the week you’re going to avoid MLK day. Turns out the CLs have all gone down from 9-10 to 5-6, so we may see lower crowds than the last couple of years.

We may still be able to cross paths and wave hello! Taking MDE to Boardwalk, be there by noon, then the oh-so-long walk to Epcot. If you’re around the area, send a message!

I sure will let you know!


Just came across your trip report. Thank you for putting in the time to share with us. Loved your thoughts on things at the end!