Days off @ Disney world with 5 & 7 yr olds

Days off @ Disney world with 5 & 7 yr olds…

Hi we’re going to wdw in August for 14 nights. How many rest days would you guys suggest? I’m not planning on making our touring plan days very long - heading home at 3 or 4pm most days with hopefully a few late evening returns for fireworks…

Are you only going to wdw during your 14 days? Will you be on site? How many days of tickets will you have? Will you have water park tickets?

Just off the top of my head… Outside of parks… My ds5 loves to resort hop, downtown dis (Lego store, trex and building potato head favs for sure) and last trip we discovered he loves blizzard beach… Didn’t plan on water parks being such a big hit with him at this age but I was wrong! Two bucket list things I want to do with him are hoop de do and pirate cruise! Have a great trip! ( doing a day trip at end of August too!)

We took a day off every 3-4 days when our kids were that age, but we did nights at the parks after an afternoon break too. My kids needed those days off to sleep in and be able to have some downtime.

Strongly recommend Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-Long.

You can make it as long or as short a night as you’d like and we’ve had GREAT interaction with Chip and Dale. They play games with the kids pre-Sing a Long: soccer, chalk drawings, hula hoops, etc.

Thanks everyone. We are going to be at Disney/Universal for all 14 days and I want to make sure I don’t overload the kids. Have gone for 14 day ticket for both so we have the flexibility and they do include waterparks - the UK tickets include the park hopping etc… As we’re coming from the UK and its going to cost an arm and a leg its a balance between value and yet not exhausting the boys.

RachaelMac22 what is trex :blush: is it the T-Rex restaurant? and where do I fin the potato head place… I thought I’d found most of the good places so looks like I need to pull myself up again… and Pirate Cruise?

I’d thought every 3/4th day rnjackie but hubby thought that was too infrequent. So will mention your experience.

Thank you so much for the ideas too - My youngest is actually far more adventurous than his elder brother but I’m hoping that they will like the Seven Dwarfts mine train etc… They love toys Story and Star Wars too…

Once again, thank you all so much!

@sallypoo since they love Star Wars, have you thought about Jedi Training Academy? I know it’s not a “day off” thing, but it was an incredible experience for my DSL and, quite frankly, for me. Watching him fight Darth Vader…priceless.

Yes trex the restaurant! My ds loved it and so did the other kids in our group… It’s loud, over the top and so much fun! I can’t remember the name of the toy store with the potato head, I know another liner will know :wink: and look into the Pirates and pals cruise… I’ve heard so many great reviews!!!