Day Trip Travel Arrangements

My wife and I have an 8 night package holiday in WDW later on this year, staying in the Pop Century resort. However, we are contemplating using one of the days to take a day trip outside of WDW, probably to do the Harry Potter experience over at Universal. (2 parks with the Hogswart’s Express)

What is the best way to get there and back, without too much fuss, and what kind of cost are we going to be looking at?

I thought about car hire, but for just two journeys it seems overkill, and with hire, insurance etc I’m presuming this would be the most expensive option.

I’m guessing the simplest (and most expensive) is taxi, although I have no idea on costs (We’re from the UK) or where/how to get one.
Next I presume is Uber (not sure on availability or cost). I have the app, but never used it here in the UK, let alone abroad.
Then buses or coaches (which may take ages to get from one site to the other, or could be very busy).

We’d want to be at Universal for opening (9am) with time to spare, so an early start would be wanted.

Uber is going to be the easiest and cheapest I would imagine. I’m assuming there is no issue using it in the US but we didn’t use it, we rented a car. We went offsite quite a bit. It was only £200 for 2 weeks (and we probably could have got it cheaper but just let travel agent book it) but even a taxi won’t cost you that much. About $50 each way I believe. But uber should be cheaper than that.

Uber is the best and cheapest way! We did a cab, and it was about $40 round-trip, where Uber would’ve been cheaper. Get there early, and enjoy! It’s a neat experience.

After reading a ton of advice online we’re planning to use uber or Lyft for going from
Disney to universal. Everyone agrees it’s fastest and cheapest.