"Day Of" Fast Passes

We’ll be at WDW this January, but I’m asking in particular about January 20-21.

What are the chances of getting “day of” add-on FPs for headliners at DHS and EPCOT? Specifically wondering about Soarin’ and Tower of Terror, and we’d obviously not even have an opportunity to try for them until midday, on account of having other set plans earlier in the day.

Is there a chart anywhere that sort of identifies how far out you need to book at FP+ for any given attraction? For example, I know from experience that Anna and Elsa basically requires you to be online at midnight at the 60 day mark, whereas COP I would assume you could get the day of without any problem most days.

It will probably depend. Smaller parties and later times seem to be easier to score in park. Touring plans has availability data on parties of one.

Touringplans comes to the rescue again. Walt Disney World


@rosemergy - would something like the chart in Step 5 of this infographic work for you?

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We had no problem getting a 4th FPP on Soarin’. The availability was only late in the day (6pm+) but as soon as I left the kiosk, I logged on to MDE and was able to move it to 1:20-2:20. It was actually kinda awesome. We didn’t even try at DHS but I’ve seen Liners report they have occasionally stumbled upon extra TSMM FPP.

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Thanks @len and @Sam2071 – exactly what I was looking for…

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