Day guest at resorts

Anyone have experience with a “day guest” at their resort? My mom is joining us for a couple days, and therefore not on our reservation since she would have to buy the same ticket/DP as us. I’m thinking it is $25/day for a day guest.

I’ve never heard of a day guest, but you can add her at check in so that she won’t have to have the same plans. It will cost the additional adult fee, but I believe it is lower than $25

Where are you staying? Is she going to sleep there or just be there during the day? If on property and only for the day, I can’t imagine that you would need to pay. Some rooms have a fee for more than two adults, which I believe is $10 per night, but other places - like DVC - wouldn’t have this. The room needs to be big enough to accommodate her or she will not be allowed to stay at all. Maybe some places off property have a “resort fee” or something for a non-guest, but I have never seen this on property.

We’re at AOA (room will hold 4, and we have 3 without her). I called and they said the fee is usually between $20-25.

We are staying AKL and the room takes 4, we have 3 booked in but was told we can bring another guest at no extra cost.

There were 4 of us in the Poly. My mom came to stay with us overnight to bring us to 5. It was another $25+tax. Probably because we weren’t paying enough already :smile:

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She arrived tonight. They didn’t charge us, but initially tried to make me make a new reservation when I called. I just waited until I could go up to the desk.