Day 5 Trip Report - Animal Kingdom and Headed Home

So as we are sit in the lovely Orlando airport waiting on our flight home, I am reflecting back on our week and thinking about the good and the bad of the week. For the most part, it was a good fun week - but there were some definite hiccups along the way.

Memory Maker has been buggy at best all week and we are STILL waiting on some of our photos to show up in the system. Fast passes popped in and out all week and the app ran horribly slow and drained a ton of battery in the parks - I was averaging about 1% battery usage per minute. Crowds were higher than what TP estimated on most days. Our FPs helped us get on what we wanted, but for things like SDD, FoP, TT and even SDMT all had 90+ minute waits without them. Also…it was still HOT here. 90+ with heat indexes of 100+ and 70%+ humidity made for uncomfortable afternoons - but going back to the hotel on most days for a few hours seemed to help alleviate that issue.

The parks were a lot of fun and my Disney Institute class was very informative, helpful and - frankly - almost as fun as the parks. Getting the behind the scenes take on how Disney works and operates as an organization was a blast. Again, the favorite of all my kids seemed to be Animal Kingdom and that’s where we ended the day with Kilimanjaro Safari, Primevil Whirl and animal trails (we did all the other rides we wanted the other day when it was slow and we had FPs).


Besutiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I am glad you had a fun and informative week.


Fabulous photos!! What a great trip!


Beautiful pictures!