Dates, Pricing Revealed for Disney After Hours “BOO BASH” at Magic Kingdom

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ooooohhhhh Thx, I’ll have to check that out!!! although I’m not sure I need another app on my phone :laughing:

Dad Joke time:

My friend’s father was having some trouble logging in to a website. My friend was helping him and asked for his password. His father said it was:

Mickey Minnie Donald Daisy Goofy Huey Dewy Louis Dublin

My friend, understandably, asked why the heck his password was so long.

His father said, “Well they said I needed to have 8 characters and a capital!”


:man_facepalming: bahahahaha

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For those of you who bought tickets to Boo Bash during the “onsite guest sales” timeframe, did you need to provide your onsite reservation number in order to prove eligibility?

I posted this in the very merriest thread as well.

I did not.

Interesting. So how would they know that you’re an onsite guest or not…


I know onsite guests got a link, (unless they were TA booked) but I don’t think the link was user specific.
Maybe because you have to log in to complete the purchase, it can cross match?

So what about my clients?

I also have one client who is NOT booked through me, but is onsite, and who wants me to do the ticket purchases for them tomorrow.

PM me?

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Is this a thing? Do you earn commission on ticket sales?




This is all I have and that link just goes to the main page.

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Will do

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When I called for BooBash tickets, I did have to give my reservation number on the phone.


Some details comparing this years version to past years from DFB. It’s helpful I think… for those on the fence.
Is Disney World’s BOO Bash Halloween Event Worth the Cost? | the disney food blog

I said this on chat, but I really don’t think it’s fair to be judging a 12 week long event by the outcome of the opening/media preview night! Of course they got fresh snacks, short (ish) lines and lots of magic. We need at least 1-2 more actual events to really see.

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