Date specific tickets extended due to closure

Hi everyone, I see today that my tickets which were to start 5/9 are now extended to 12/15. How will this work with fast pass? If I make a resort reservation for October will MDE automatically open my fast pass window 60 days before? Or if I decide to make a last minute trip will I be able to book fast passes at any time 30 days out?

Yes that is how it works.

Our tickets start May 10, and are still date based. So I expect a week from now my tickets will finally switch over. We shall see!

Yes. If you have a resort reservation, and you have applicable tickets for those days, the 60 days is calculated based on the resort stay.

AP holders always have this. They can book 30 days out always…but if there is an on site reservation, it is 60 days from the reservation date.

Just a note, I had five day tickets and was able to make Fastpass selections for all 7 days of my onsite reservation (I just won’t use the extra days FPP, assuming I go at all). So having a resort reservation Plus any valid admission on file for those days, even if it exceeds the number of days of your ticket, should be sufficient to make FPP reservations. (This would be helpful if you had two contingency hotel reservations between now and 12/15 and were only intending to use one of them.)

That’s great to know! Thanks

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