Date night options - Which would you choose?

We have two options for date night and can’t decide. Option 1: NoJ after 1/2 day at HS and a rest day the next day. #2: California Grill @ 9:20 after 1/2 day at Epcot and early morning at MK the next day.
We have one vote for each :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Which would you do?

I would rather stick needles in my eyes than go to NoJ, so it would be Option 2 for me. However, the late night combined with an early morning at MK concerns me, and I am a early riser. How about an early dinner at an EP restaurant? La Hacienda is one of my faves.

I vote for #2… California Grill

Cali Grill. Betting you can catch Wishes during dinner

@Brklinck, We are actually having an early dinner @4 with the kids and my MIL at Epcot. Then we need to get them settled for the night before CG for dessert and maybe sushi, but not a whole meal. The early morning is worrying me too.
What is wrong with NoJ? Hoping to do rides instead of concerts.

I would pick CG. With crowd levels so low that time of year I would not pay the money for the hard ticket if you were not going to go for the concerts.

#1!!! NOJ on the bucket list!


How in the world did I change the font??? Lol!

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I don’t know @pod but I’m glad you did! That is my choice :smile:. And so far it looks like I’m losing.

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Ooohhh. Maybe I could take my girls to NoJ one night and do CG with DH another. I really want to experience NoJ but hubby doesn’t like Christian rock.
Time to do some more research!

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OK, CG makes more sense if you are not doing a whole meal, and the early morning would not be as tough then.

re NoJ, per “the closed event brings a notable abundance of pre-teens to the host park. Your tolerance for pre-teens will dictate your experience”.

Thanks! Perhaps the best thing is to wait for my girls to be obnoxious pre-teens and take them then. We’ll fit right in! :wink:

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Option #2 gets my vote!

We hear you @pod4christ - settle down… Lol! :wink: :heart:

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Cali Grill sounds like a better date night option to me.

@pod4christ Perhaps the new home and Stacey following has made you extra powerful! :frog:


I would absolutely do Night of Joy! It is on my bucket list too. If that kind of music interests you, you should do it!!!

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Not sure that NoJ really would work well for a date experience. As one CM semi-jokingly said, NoJ is when you can fill in your bingo card for every illegal, immoral, or non-Disney-like activity that you can think of, all in one night. Then again, if you want to get some of your “naughty Disney behavior” checklist complete, it would make for a memorable date!

California Grill… its a great experience

  1. Cali Grill would definitely make for a better date night that NOJ. (Says the person who has never done NOJ and has absolutely no desire to. I have the same view on it as @brklinck.