Date night options - Which would you choose?


We have two options for date night and can't decide. Option 1: NoJ after 1/2 day at HS and a rest day the next day. #2: California Grill @ 9:20 after 1/2 day at Epcot and early morning at MK the next day.
We have one vote for each 😝. Which would you do?


I would rather stick needles in my eyes than go to NoJ, so it would be Option 2 for me. However, the late night combined with an early morning at MK concerns me, and I am a early riser. How about an early dinner at an EP restaurant? La Hacienda is one of my faves.


I vote for #2.... California Grill


Cali Grill. Betting you can catch Wishes during dinner


@Brklinck, We are actually having an early dinner @4 with the kids and my MIL at Epcot. Then we need to get them settled for the night before CG for dessert and maybe sushi, but not a whole meal. The early morning is worrying me too.
What is wrong with NoJ? Hoping to do rides instead of concerts.


I would pick CG. With crowd levels so low that time of year I would not pay the money for the hard ticket if you were not going to go for the concerts.


1!!!! NOJ on the bucket list!


How in the world did I change the font??? Lol!


I don't know @pod but I'm glad you did! That is my choice 😄. And so far it looks like I'm losing.


Ooohhh. Maybe I could take my girls to NoJ one night and do CG with DH another. I really want to experience NoJ but hubby doesn't like Christian rock.
Time to do some more research!


OK, CG makes more sense if you are not doing a whole meal, and the early morning would not be as tough then.

re NoJ, per "the closed event brings a notable abundance of pre-teens to the host park. Your tolerance for pre-teens will dictate your experience".


Thanks! Perhaps the best thing is to wait for my girls to be obnoxious pre-teens and take them then. We'll fit right in! 😉


Option #2 gets my vote!


We hear you @pod4christ - settle down... Lol! wink


Cali Grill sounds like a better date night option to me.


@pod4christ Perhaps the new home and Stacey following has made you extra powerful! frog


I would absolutely do Night of Joy! It is on my bucket list too. If that kind of music interests you, you should do it!!!!


Not sure that NoJ really would work well for a date experience. As one CM semi-jokingly said, NoJ is when you can fill in your bingo card for every illegal, immoral, or non-Disney-like activity that you can think of, all in one night. Then again, if you want to get some of your "naughty Disney behavior" checklist complete, it would make for a memorable date!


California Grill.. its a great experience

  1. Cali Grill would definitely make for a better date night that NOJ. (Says the person who has never done NOJ and has absolutely no desire to. I have the same view on it as @brklinck.