Date night at animal kingdom


we will be staying in port orleans riverside in june and have one night we can do a date on the night animal kingdom is open til 1 a.m. suggestions for babysitting services you have tried or what to do/eat at animal kingdom would be appreciated. thx!!


We booked a rivers of light package at tiffins. I have never been, but it has amazing reviews and it may be the thing I am most excited about. The menu looks amazing. The lounge and bar at the restaurant will overlook pandora, and I'm excited to not have to camp out for rivers of light seats!


We just did Rivers of Light package at Tiffins and it was fabulous! I wish we had arrived earlier or had more time after to sit for a drink at Nomad Lounge.
I'd do a sunset Kilimanjaro Safari ride after a trip to Everest and then dinner and drinks at Tiffins/Nomad followed by Rivers of Light.... I couldn't think of a better date night.


I agree with the Tiffins/ROL package wholeheartedly. Excellent food!


Tiffins is absolutely delicious and amazing. Nomad Lounge gets my vote as well - wonderful drinks and atmosphere!


Pandora will be open too. Looks like it will be amazing at night, even if you don't have fps for the rides.

The 11pm to 1am emh at that time is just for Pandora, so you'll have plenty of time to explore, and might even be able to do one or both of the rides without fps if you can stay late.