Date Change

We have a trip planed for Jan 27-Feb2. I’m nervous that travel could be affected after inauguration. (this is not a thread for political discussion please!) I don’t want to have our trip canceled or drastically affected one week before hand.
We typically go over a three day weekend for us and I don’t have any other good options between now and then except MLK day weekend. The crowd calendar looks about the same for both weekends, but I’m hesitant to go over a “holiday” weekend. Any experience with MLK day weekend??

In normal times, that is a very busy weekend.

MLK weekend is typically a big crowd weekend. (as are most holidays at WDW)

There’s no need to change your flight / dates. You are “borrowing trouble” as my DW likes to say when I over think things. The country is not going to shut down under a new administration.


I’d keep your current dates. MLK weekend will be busy, or typically has been busy.