Hi - Are there any plans for the WDW dashboard to allow you to pick something other than the 4 main parks? For example under Select Parks I would like an option to choose Blizzard Beach or Disney Springs or even the resort if you are planning a swim day. Thanks!

Be sure and email webmaster@Touringplans.com for suggestions. Great idea.

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I second the great idea. I was just looking for that feature yesterday.

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I emailed so hopefully we will see it :smile:

If you go to “More” on the far right there are selections for BB and TL, as well as resorts. If you hover over one of the parks, there’s a drop-down option for dining. This will take you to the main dining page where you can select DS from the menu on the left. I agree, NOT intuitive, but the info is there…

Even less intuitive, if you click on Crowd Calendar and from there go to “More”, there is a link to the DS info pages (that also has links to all of the restaurants).

The info is all there, but the navigation system has some “holes” in it…