Dashboard Question

On the dashboard for my upcoming trip there are little weather thumbnails for each day. They have been showing generic average data for the past several hundred days. When my trip actually hits the 10 day window (i.e. tomorrow) will these thumbnails gradually be updated with “live” weather info, or will they remain the generic?

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Great question but you might want to tag @len and/or put it in the Meta category to make sure it gets noticed.

I wondered this too! Will watch for the answer!

Wow! Great question! I am going to pay attention to this!

It should update, yes. We’re using WeatherUnderground for the feed, I think. Let me know what you see.


It updates. I have mine in my dashboard now. It’s pretty flipping cool.

Awesome. Thanks all!

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Just bear in mind that Ouija Boards are just as accurate as a 10-day forecast…


@len, it did not update on my recent DLR visit. About 5 days out the forecast changed to rain but my dashboard continued to show sunny weather. Does it only update for wdw?