Dashboard - Printing Option

@len Not sure if that is who I need to tag anymore for stuff like this. I have a question about the dashboard when you log in. Is there a way we can get a print plan option for the screen shot of the days and crowd levels that appears in the center of the page. Maybe there is and I dont know where its at, but when I go to print I get everything that is on the dashboard and I would only like the information in the center window if I could get that option.

Hey! That’s an excellent idea. We don’t have a way to do that directly right now. Have you considered something like (on Windows) pressing the Control key (“CTRL”) and Print Screen key simultaneously, then printing that?

Yea I have snagit tools to grab what I need, just was looking for a simple print option for my individual crowd calendar.

I did find a way to print a kinda simplified version if you go through the crown calendar options and get to one of the days you have in your plan. You can then click an option to view a similar type page for your dates.