DAS with a larger group?

I can’t find anything official on the Disney site about how many people can be in a party when someone uses DAS. I’ve found other people’s accounts that it is 5 people plus the person with the pass. Does anyone know if there’s an official number somewhere or any flexibility with that? We are taking a trip in June and will have a group of 11, but it’s a family trip and one of the grandparents is who needs the DAS pass. Ideally we’d all get to go on rides with him since his time at the park will probably be shorter than ours and the whole point of the trip is for the grandparents to get to experience things with the kids. Also we don’t live near them so figuring out when I can help them do the advance video chat will be tricky anyway.


I am trying to remember if I read where there was a limit. I’m pretty sure they had imposed one earlier because of those people who were selling disabled access to people like it was a VIP tour.

6 keeps popping up in my head, but take that with a grain of salt. I did have a pretty quick call to WDW DAS office/services before they punted me over to IT for chat box issues. You could try to call the direct line to ask about the limit and what to do with distanced family that would make the DAS chat hard. Honestly, they will probably just ask that you stop by guest services at the start of your trip to do it in person.

Yes, it is five plus the DAS person. It might be possible to use Genie+ to get the whole party in the LL at the same time, but I don’t think they’ll allow 10 people to be attached to the DAS. :frowning:


Ok thanks guys! Yea lining up the LL I feel like will be a nightmare so maybe we just pick one set of grandkids for each DAS ride to go with him. And good tip about calling first, the website is so not intuitive so I just kept seeing the “start live chat” box and didn’t want to do that yet!

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Good call. I added another hour to my wait because I had to wait for IT to tell me that closing the website and restarting the computer wasn’t enough to undo my pressing the button early (and timing out).

An hour to tell me that I needed a third browser to be able to initiate chat to start the wait for the interview.

But when I called DAS direct, they did pick up almost immediately.


Oh man yea there’s no way they will be able to complete that process on their own, that’s crazy even for a tech competent person!

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Yep. It was crazy.

So DAS (the direct line) picked right up. I explained that the chat box was telling me that the window timed out and that I needed to open another chat box.

Except that every time I tried, it kept showing me the same message.

Then I closed everything out and restarted the computer. Nothing. I tried incognito. Nothing. I tried a second browser. Nothing.

After explaining that to DAS they punted me to IT where I waited an hour for them to pick up. Then she said she wasn’t used to DAS issues, she’s only ever had MDE problems, so she had to find the DAS tech instructions. From which she told me to restart, clear the cookies, (that didn’t work either), had me try the second browsers again, then had me download/find a third browser which finally worked.

From there, once I had the window open it was a 3 hour wait.

This was all for Disneyland’s DAS, btw.

Disney World’s was super easy and just involved me standing in line for Guest Services for an hour or so. They even called my Skipper Canteen reservation and explained to them that I was held up in their office and not to rush DH/DS so I could still rush over after and enjoy the dinner.

ETA the browser that finally let me restart was Microsoft Edge. I literally own a software company. My DH codes software all day long. We still couldn’t figure out why it took 3 browsers, other than browsers reallllllllly aren’t compatible with each other. What codes well for one will break another.


Ok so now it’s :scream::scream::scream:

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I didn’t mean to add to the stress level!

When it comes to your window to where you can request the interview just:

  1. Relax. (easier said than done, I know, but try)
  2. Make sure you’ve gotten settled for a long haul. Comfy chair, drinks/snacks, potty breaks…the works.
  3. I’d have someone near (DH I’m assuming, or a friend/relative) who can step in and watch the chat box for you if you have to stretch your legs or use the restroom.
  4. Bring your patience.
  5. Don’t panic if the window times out. Close the chat box and hit the “chat now” button and the window will pop back open. At least, it did when I was doing it in Microsoft Edge.
  6. Turn the volume up so you’re alerted if a new chat pops up!

Take a deep breath and you will do just fine. :yellow_heart:


Thanks. You are so nice and helpful. I was more making the faces because of what you had to go through. Not really a stress level thing for me …yet. Lol.

But it is unreal to me that you tech savvy folks were so at the mercy of Disney IT in such an unacceptable way (anywhere else). I will let you know what our experience ends up being for our October trip!