Das & vpn

Hi - just trying pre-register for DAS via a VPN (non-USA residents like us can’t pre-register) as suggested previously by @Nicky_S (thanks) and various youtube videos, but it’s coming up with ‘access denied’. I’ve tried clearing cookies and picking different US servers, but same result.

Has anyone heard that Disney is blocking VPNs for this? (I am using NordVPN.)

I’ve been reading on WDW Chat that it’s not possible for non US guests to preregister.

You might want to ask again over there to double check.

There’s an oversees guest posting right now about it on chat.

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Hi there! Unfortuntaley, it’s not only Disney… Many other companies and websites have been blocking VPNs. This way, they tend to comply with copyright and licensing restrictions. Besides, they prevent fraud and abuse and maintain network performance. So, the decision it’s understandable. You can try to access it through web proxies. In some cases, they’re more effective and cheaper. I use those from https://sоax.com/, and I’m pleased of them. So give them a try and come back with a review. I hope my advice will be helpful.

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