DAS touring plan question

Can somebody tell me how to use the DAS & TP? I can’t figure out if we should stay in one area and use the DAS/FP, or if we should use a regular TP with the DAS and trek all over the place? There’s 2 parents, an 8 yr old, & a 6 yr old who will be in a stroller with the DAS due to physical disability. Thanks!

I’m not sure about how to use the TP. But just a reminder you can only use the DAS for rides that the 6 year old will be riding.

I would definitely use Evaluate and tour one area at a time. Other than for some exceptions (ie: the rides with long waits that you don’t have FPs for - FoP, Slinky, 7dmt, PP etc), where you may have to wait an hour or more.

So for example, you go to Peter Pan and get a DAS return time. And then go do Pooh and ISASMW and come back to PP. I guess you’d put PP in the plan and add notes to ride IASMW and Pooh. That would give you a rough idea of the time. Does that make sense?

We use touring plan, DAS & fastpasses to minimize walking and time in the heat. My daughter fatigues quickly in these conditions making it necessary to plan our trip carefully.

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We stay in one general area for a while. Not exactly one section, but back and forth within neighboring sections so that we aren’t walking ALL over the parks. If I’m optimizing our TP while we’re in parks, I enter DAS return times as extra FP.

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Ah, that’s how to use TPS and DAS - just add them as extra FPs. :grinning:

You can have as many FPs in a TP as you like. Problem solved!


When making your TP, I’d select minimize walking rather than minimize wait times. That way you will be more likely to be close to other attractions of interest while you wait for your DAS.

Totally, thank you so much. That is the info I needed.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh, very interesting idea!

Great, thanks!!