DAS timing

We are going to Disneyland the end of October. We have received advance DAS designation. I’m trying to do my daily plans. Is there any correlation between Genie+ times and available DAS times?

Just to clarify your question, are you asking about your advanced DAS selections and how to put them into a touring plan? Or how they will interact with your Genie+ if you choose to use it?

This would be about same day DAS selectioins. Do these times correlate at all to Genie+ times. Thanks

Unless Disneyland does something very very different than WDW, no, there is no correlation.

G+ is based on how many people already asked for a G+ pass that day. So the more people that want a G+ pass for a ride, the later it goes.

DAS is based on the current wait time when requested minus 10 minutes.

So it’s possible that there’s a G+ pass for the next 10 minutes, while the DAS line can be 30. There are also times when G+ passes are gone for the day, but there’s a 45 minute wait on standby, which would mean DAS would give you a return time 35 minutes later.

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So the DAS return times are normally just the wait time regardless of G+ times?


Correct. DAS return times are based on the standby time, not the G+ time.

So say if a ride has a 60 minute wait, and the next G+ time is for 5:00 (and it’s 11:00 am), the DAS pass will have a return time for about 50 minutes from that point. The G+ timing is not used in this case.

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Yes. Depending on what you want and how busy it is, particularly in DL you may not need/want G+.

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One thing I’ve done on the east coast is to have a DAS return time and a G+ return time for about the same time, and then ride something else standby (or go find a shop or Dole Whip or whatever). Then both rides ding about the same time, and go ride back-to-back.


Wow. Great this is really going to help plan our day


The best part about DAS for me (especially in DL/DCA) is that I can ride RSR, RotR, and other non-G+ rides that my body just won’t let me stand in those long lines for. I’m happy to use G+ there because it works so well! In fact, it was almost stressful to keep track of what I was DAS-ing and G±ing at times.