DAS question?

How do you find out if someone qualifies for the das? The wording is pretty vague on Disney’s website so I’m unsure. My daughter has Sensory processing disorder, anxiety and a movement disorder. She has no physical barriers to waiting in line but it may make an already overwhelming environment unbearable in terms of the SPD and anxiety.

It is up to the CM to determine qualification but based on your description she qualifies. Go to guest services when you enter the park to request it. All you need to say is that you’d like to request disability access service for your daughter and they may (or may not) have a very brief conversation about her needs.

The most common sense description I have heard is to explain the Cast Member (CM) why waiting in line will be a challenge/difficult focusing on the possible outcomes of waiting in line & less on her specific diagnoses. Also, another great tip I have heard is to avoid City Hall in Disneyland to initially get the pass as it’s often a long line itself & can be a less than pleasant experience off the bat. Alternatives are either the Guest Relations Kiosks throughout Disneyland or at DCA’s Guest Relations center just left of the entry.

Ok thank you! I will speak with them upon arrival and see what they suggest. I definitely don’t want to take advantage of the system (someone suggested this was not an acceptable use on another forum to someone in a similar situation as us). It’s very tricky when you have a complex child with a largely invisible disability.