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Question about DAS pass. My family of seven is taking a trip with my brother and his spouse in September. We live in different parts of the country and rented a three bedroom Villa at OKW so we can spend as much time together. My brother needs a wheelchair and is going to get a DAS pass. For the times that we will be in the park together if my brother uses his DAS pass for a ride is my family of seven also allowed to be included? It would be a party of 9 total. We just don’t want to be separated all day. Thanks!

DAS allows parties up to 6 people but exceptions have been made. Share your situation when you sign up.

I’m not an expert on the DAS, but I don’t think they usually give it for mobility issues. Most lines are wheelchair accessible, so you can all go through together. There are a few exceptions, so the CMs will direct you.


Yes, this ^^^^^^

The wheelchair is the adjustment your brother requires to access the rides. In some cases you may be directed to a back door if the ride queue itself is unsuitable.

The DAS is given where someone cannot reasonably wait in line. Normally that might include someone with autism, or perhaps someone who may need to undergo a medical intervention whilst in line. Some people with type 1 diabetes ask for one so that if they need to treat a hypo they don’t have to fight their way out of a line; someone who has IBS and may need to rush to a restroom very quickly; someone who uses a colostomy bag etc.

If someone asked for one because they can’t walk very far, GS will suggest renting a wheelchair rather than giving them a DAS.

It just means they get a return time based on the current stand-by time but can wait elsewhere rather than standing in line.


I was given a DAS pass in June. I just rolled up to guest services and asked for one. I was on my ECV and was never asked any questions about why I needed it.

I’ve heard they aren’t allowed to ask why and if you try to tell them or show them documentation they will refuse to look at it. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know you could refuse and cite HIPPA regulations.

My parents went a few months ago and my dad is recovering from cancer. He uses a wheelchair and never signed up for a DAS pass. I told them about it, but they said he didn’t need it as mentioned here earlier. They always took him to the wheelchair accessible line.

The DAS and the Handicapped entrance are different. The DAS uses the fast pass line after you have waited your lotted time. I did not use the DAS because I had fast passes for everything I needed but the last day I could not get a FP for AS2. I was told to come back after a given time 12pm I think. So I asked how long the window was good for they said till the park closes, I did not know that I thought it was only good for an hour. We got the DAS used a FP for TSM went to lunch and continued with our TP until we finished for the day and then went back to AS2 and used it. We then got a DAS for TSM and I asked if there was any way we could use it now and not have to wait and they let us in right away.

So if you have a DAS pass, you can also use your normal allotted FPP+, right?

They will ask you what adjustments you need, and about why you cannot tolerate waiting in lines. They will not, and cannot, ask you for proof, medical letters etc.

It is based on need and specifically states that it will not be given simply to those using a wheelchair and ECV.

From the PDF,

“A Guest whose disability is based on the necessity to use a wheelchair or scooter does not need a DAS. Depending on the attraction, Guests utilizing a wheelchair or scooter will either wait in the standard queue or receive a return time at the attraction comparable to the current wait time”.

This is what the website says:


And this is the PDF:



So does the whole party have to go to the ride if you sign up? What if you have a party of 4 and only 2 wanted to go on the ride? I know the person on the DAS pass would need to be one of the people riding it, but just wondering how it all works.

No. But everyone who might ride must have it added to their magic band. I don’t think they all have to be there, but someone has to take all the bands to GS with the person who is actually asking for a DAS.

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Yes I had both FP and DAS.

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Only one person needs to go to the actual ride to get a return time - it doesn’t have to be the DAS holder. But the DAS holder does have to be the first one to scan in when you return to ride.