DAS Fireworks?

DD has DAS for our upcoming trip, and I’ve seen conflicting reports about whether those that have DAS but not mobility issues are granted access to reserved spaces during the fireworks shows at MK and Epcot. DD loves fireworks, but the extensive time in huge crowds could prove to be an issue. Any experience or hints out there?
*Note to say I do wish they’d offer something for those with sensory issues for the night shows, as I foresee this being the hardest part of her day by far.

The only thing that they have is a disability area for people with mobility issues. The last disability map that WDW has put out has that area on the left side of the hub, between Casey’s Corner and Cinderella Castle. It used to be on the right.


Maybe talk with Disability Services to see if they might have something up their sleeve?

  1. 560-2547 or email disability.services@disneyparks.com.
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