DAS and not Registered Disabled

My husband suffers severe IBS and we were thinking any rides with long lines he would just have to sit out and I take my son on alone. Without being too descriptive, we are worried that he could wait for an hour in a line and then have to rush off to the bathroom - losing his place. However, I have seen WDW do a DAS pass for people who cannot wait in long lines. Does anyone have any experience of this with a similar condition? This is not something he is registered disabled for so doesn’t have a blue badge or anything. We could get a Doctors note though if that would help?

I don’t think you need any proof. I think you just need to tell them that he has a disability that does not allow him to be in a line without access to facilities for more than 20 minutes?

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They’re not allowed to ask for a diagnosis or any paperwork, and can’t look at it if it’s offered. You just need to explain his limitations.

I’m very interested in the out come please let us know what happens.

We don’t have a disabled registry in the US. I guess the closest thing would be the blue badge, but that’s not necessary for a DAS, nor is a doctor’s note.

The ADA precludes businesses from asking for any “proof” of disability when requesting accommodation for said condition. The same would be true of asking for an accessible hotel room or even bathroom. The purpose of the DAS is to streamline the process so you don’t have to explain this at every ride or attraction, you only have to do it once.

Also if you use a touring plan hopefully you won’t have any waits over 20 minutes!

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So if Disney doesn’t check, doesn’t that mean anyone can say they have a disability and not wait in line…? (And no I’m not going to do this)

You still wait, just not in the line. You’re given a return time 10 mins less than the posted standby and then go in the FP line for however long it takes. You can only have one return time at a time, so until you go back to ride, anything you do would have to be standby (unless you have FP of course).

Thanks. I understand you can only have one DAS in place at a time, but if you use it on a really long line and have for example 90 minutes to kill before returning, I guess can you still have one of your regular FP in place in that 90 minutes?

Yes you can use FP in the normal way. And I should have said that you can use the DAS at any time after the return time, there’s no limit. But you can’t get another until you’ve used it.

Sometimes the lines are actually LONGER. I had to use a scooter last time and I can vouch firsthand that accommodations for disability are of no benefit in terms of skipping the line or anything else. And sometimes they are actually worse.