DAS and HEA fireworks

My child can’t stand for long periods and will have a DAS pass. She is too large for us to hold her or boost her on shoulders. She will have a push-chair (looks like umbrella stroller for school-age child) but not a wheelchair pass, as she is mobile. It’s standing still that causes her pain.

QUESTION: what’s the best approach for HEA? Maybe I should ask for permission to be in wheelchair area?
If everyone would SIT DOWN for the fireworks we could all see! But…correct me if I’m wrong…generally the mobs are standing, right?

Thanks, all!

We were in the DAS area for HEA primarily so my wife could watch from her ECV - she’s in braces and prosthetics for her lower legs, so standing for the whole HEA would be uncomfortable at best. We mostly enjoyed the show, but there were few people there who stood directly in front of others with large balloons that made it somewhat difficult. It’s not going to be perfect, but you’ll see a majority of the show and in that area, you’ll be around other people who understand what it means to not be able to stand. I recommend finding a cast member with a blue lantern and being directed to the area as soon as you’re able.

In addition, if you can remove the sunshade from the umbrella stroller to reduce the height, it is appreciated by those around you.

Ah! Thank you, @AkronAaron. I didn’t know there was a DAS viewing area! I’ve searched various forums with no clear answers for DAS + fireworks. Much appreciated.

It fills up relatively quickly, and is not advertised, but it does exist. Find the blue lantern cast member relatively quickly. If you’re standing at the end of main street facing the castle, it’s over to your right, near the gardens, before the bridge to tomorrowland.