Darn... Didn't get 7dmt

So I was 45 min late last night making our 60 day fpp… There were no 7dmt available… What are my chances of getting one and when? We are doing mnsshp 10/17 thanks!!!

Look for them closer to the end of your trip. And how many in your party? If you have 4 or more, try looking for smaller numbers (say 2-3 people at a time), and then do the second or third group, and look for overlapping times. So for example maybe 2 people get 10-11am, and 3 people get 10:10-11:10, so you have from 10:10-11 where everyone can ride together. Also keep checking every day. 45 days out when packages are due to be paid in full is when people tend to cancel, which can free up their FPP’s that they’ve made.

Good luck!

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There is three of us and need an after 4 since it’s our party night… Will try every day and thanks for the 45 day tip!!!

I don’t think FP+ is available after a certain point on party nights… But I have heard that lines for attractions are typically reasonable on party nights, so maybe you’ll get a ride even if FP+ doesn’t pan out!!!

Looking for one between 4-7… Hoping we can get a shorter line later in the evening, maybe during fireworks?!? We will see, thanks!

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