Dapper Day Nov 2019

I’m planning on Dapper Day this year and while I’ve been to WDW a zillion times, I’ve never done Dapper Day. Are there any good sources for special events or meetups? I always bring the kiddo to the parks with me but I’m thinking he might not enjoy playing dress up as much as I do. Is it mainly a grown-up event??

I have done the one at Disneyland, and am hoping to do so again this year. I found information about the events and meetups on the Facebook page I think, and you can also get information at the expo. Also keep looking at their website because I think they do a schedule there. I saw lots of families with the kids all decked out as well. It was so adorable. There is not a ton of events other than the expo, a few meetups for photos and such, so really meetups at bars would be the only thing that isn’t child friendly. It is so fun, and take a lot of money to the expo, you will want to buy everything!

Thank you for the response. I am planning on going this year but no kiddo. I’m not convinced he’ll be agreeable to wearing his mask at all times so he doesn’t get to go to the parks for awhile. Just grown up fun!! Been twice since re-opening and I must say, it’s a wonderful escape from the rest of the world right now and feels safer than going to the grocery store!