Dang! California Grill Is A Tough One

Thanks to reservation finder I was able to secure California Grill on 3/6, but not until 8:55PM. I took it, but been trying since September to modify to an earlier time. I try almost every day to no avail.
Within minutes of RF texting me an updated time of 6:45 it was gone. Minutes!! First world problem, I know - but I don’t want to eat that late if I can help it. Also, fireworks at 9:00. Would prefer to watch them AFTER my reservation. Cross your fingers for me, please. :crossed_fingers:
I had absolutely no luck when trying to get an earlier time for Storybook Dining. So there I was - eating prime rib after 9PM. (I’m so abused. :blush::wink:)


Reservation Finder never worked for me because I never could get on within the minute I got the text.

I was able to get a CA Grill reservation for 5:05 PM like 2 weeks before by myself. Keep checking as you get closer. I wasn’t checking constantly either, maybe just 2-3 times a day. People’s plans change. We were holding 2 reservations for CA Grill until like 2 days before the ADR. :grin:


This. The closer you get the better your chances as people fine tune their plans.