Dance the World

Has anyone done this program? My dds dance team will participate for the first time this summer and we have no idea what to expect.

A parade in Epcot? How does that work?

The worst part is that I am so used to planning everything for our trip (room request, fpp, etc.) and I do not know if we can do any of that planning for this type of Disney trip!

Does anyone know if we can at least plan fpp and request an excellent location at CBR?


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My DD and I did! We made a mother/daughter trip out of it.

We did the MK parade, but the basic idea is the same. Dancers are bussed backstage, then dance along a parade route. A few studio staff are allowed along backstage. In MK it’s the typical parade route. Sorry I don’t have details about the Epcot route!

You can get FP and dining assuming you get your confirmation code in time. If I remember correctly they don’t get it for is in time for ADRs but we did have it around 67 days, so could make FP. I think, TBH, I had a campsite or value reservation that I cancelled once I got the real confirmations in.

Your studio will be given a schedule so you can see which park you need to be in on which days. Again, can’t remember when we got details. But Dance The World has generic schedules which our trip followed so those were helpful.

I used TP fax to request an area at CBR but we were put with the rest of our group, so in my case it didn’t work.

You will have so much fun! I sobbed seeing DD dance down Main Street! So amazing! We hope to go back in 2021 (our studio goes every 2 years, but the summer heat was almost too much for DD10 and so we can’t take the whole family along in summer til they’re older).

Thanks for the information. I am so used to planning everything that it makes me nervous we may not be able to make FPP!

We are sad we cannot do the MK parade, but there are members of the dance team too young to participate in that parade, so we have to do Epcot. This is the teams first year attending, so we are helping to check out the program.

I assume you had a great time since you are returning. Did you do the dancing on stage in Epcot? My DD15 is nervous about the crowds for her scheduled solo performance!

Did you schedule ADRs and FPP around that generic schedule?

Thanks for your help.

Yes our studio did the dancing on stage at Epcot. Our studio takes it low-key, we just do one group dance wearing matching t-shirts and jazz shorts, no costumes. My daughter was not nervous about the crowd, but then she wasn’t doing a solo! It’s also not the entire crowd of people who go, as they schedule in 2 hr increments.

Yes I scheduled ADRs and FPPs around the generic schedule. And our studio director also sent out the studio-specific schedule as soon as she had it. She has been taking her studio to DtW since they started so she’s very familiar with the process, and WDW as well!

Hope you don’t mind me chiming in :slight_smile: We’re also going to DTW in June. It will be our first time at DW. I made ADRs using my credit card and I will cancel some when I get the actual schedule. Were you able to spend a good amount of time at the parks? We added on an extra day and then we have our checkout day. How much time was occupied with dancing things?

We have booked ADRs around the sample schedule as well! Those days of 9-5 and 9-7 seem like they are covering a lot of time and we should have less time dedicate to dancing. And we have heard we will get the actual schedule before 60 days out - if that helps.

Would love to know how much time was dancing versus being able to play in the parks!