Daily Thread: Friday 7/25


Good Friday morning Liners!

Just a few hours til the weekend begins! Are you doing anything fun this weekend, or are you like me and working the whole thing away?

I Can't complain though. I am on the next four nights.... But when I get out in Tues a.m. I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!

Here's to a magical Friday, and a beautiful weekend ahead for you all,no matter what you're up to!!!


Nothing major planned here! At work until 9:15 this morning (it's 5:25 right now), then nap, then shopping with my mom who's visiting from out of town


I wish we were heading the Disney! We just finished reliving our week from last year (meaning, on this day last year were ate at BOG. On this day last year...). Oh well, we have a plan and need to stick with it for our trip next year. I am also working this weekend. I basically am working everyday until this dissertation is phinished and I can graduate.


Was that a typo or on purpose? "Phinished"


On purpose. It's a stupid PhD joke. Writing a dissertation does actually make you a little strange smile


I got back from a beach trip earlier this week so I'm spending the weekend in back to school prep mode. We return August 7, and I have a brief run away from home trip planned for 8/3 - 5 (not Disney). So I'm playing catchup and hoping to get a little in front of things.

35 days, though, til I'm back in the World!


Morning! Headed to part one of root canal shortly blch but then tomorrow have an anniversary dinner planned with husband so that should be fun (provided I can eat and drink wine!).

Going to be a beautiful weekend in Philly -- hope everyone else has such nice weather.

128 days


No big plans here. I'm on summer break, so no work for a bit, just the ususl errands and household stuff. I'm the family cfo so today willl be balancing and projection day. Next weekend we drive to colorado to see my sister and the following...ah yes , we visit mickey on one of his ships.


Root canal not magical!

Anniversary dinner magical. Happy anniversary!


What ObNurse said... tomorrow dounds like a better day.


Driving home from Cape Cod tomorrow and driving to FL Sun/Mon. So basically, I'm spending the weekend in the cah


Nicely spoken! You caught the accent perfectly.


Kids have swimming lessons (DD9 is hoping to pass the last Red Cross swim level today, so I'm preparing for tears if it doesn't because she's the youngest by several yrs) then taking DD and a friend on a picnic. Had a student pass away yesterday so I'm not sure what the day will bring in terms of that. Going to be a long day, but less than 3 wks until WDW!


I'm originally from RI so it's second nature wink


@MDU is a pro LOL


Oh my frowning I am sorry to hear about your student frowning Sending good thoughts you way.

Best wishes to DD on the swim level test!


Good morning! Gonna get my nails done for my trip and pack.


Wanna pack me some stuff @DarthD? I am bound to forget something...


Thank you.


Sure we talked about this, but half my childhood was in RI!