DAH - Magic Kingdom.. Talk to Me!

Has anyone been recently?? DH and I loved the MNSSHP; how does DAH MK compare in crowds? It was fairly crowded for our MNSSHP date but we still had the most magical time! We are really wanting to attend DAH MK; our kids will be with us too… they are ages 7 and 11… DS11 is a night owl; DS7 and I not so much… however he and I are big on naps, so we plan a lovely nap that afternoon… many, many, many of the past posts on DAH I searched were all pretty positive reviews… If y’all had the spare change and energy, would you pay and attend the DAH MK event? PS our date for attendance Feb 24th (DH turns 40 on Feb 25th!) Thanks y’all!

Absolutely worth it. Especially if anyone in your crew is particularly crowd averse. My DH really dislikes the crowds at WDW and he loved MK DAH. We did it last February and DH and I are doing VDAH at MK and DAH at AK in two weeks!

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adverse to crowds is an understatement for DH! He is the sole reason we did the After Fireworks Dessert Party a year ago… i knew he would not, in any shape or form, enjoy the fireworks if people were in his space. we loved the dessert party and garden view!

See you there. Me and my sister will be there as our last night of our hol on the 24th, soaking up those last precious few hours before she heads back to New Zealand and me to Luxembourg.

Oh Fantastic!!! we will depart before dawn on the 26th!

DAH is definitely worth - if you are a night owl. The later in the night it gets the lower & lower the queues get. If you can stay until the end you can pretty much walk on a lot of the rides.

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Was just there last week. Here are a few pics. Think I did about 14 attractions that night. Of course many I rode more than once. 7 dwarfs had about a 20-30 minute wait most of the night but most others were walk on.


galuchies - those pictures are amazing! I wasn’t seriously considering DAH MK until I saw those. It reminds me of visits when I was a kid. I don’t think I can resist those low crowds. The holiday parties used to be like that, but they are now very busy. I assumed the DAH events would start filling up too.

Any experience with DAH AK? That’s the one I was actually considering since we’re not doing a regular park day there.

I have not done DAH at AK. For me there is just not enough rides there to make it worth while. But if you really like EE and Dino I am sure you can ride them repeatedly. From what I understand it is similar to the MK DAH crowds but FOP takes a while for the day crowds to filter thru.

How does CL for regular hours affect DAH? Only asking because I bought my solo ticket for March 23rd for DAH MK. This will be my only time I can fit MK into my business trip that week and of course it’s going to be a very busy week at WDW. CL predictions for MK on the 23rd has it at a 10. The only attraction not available during DAH that I am hoping to see if CoP. We missed it on our last 2 trips and it’s has a special place in my heart.

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I did MK DAH last Friday and it was wonderful. The after hours portion was from 9 pm to Midnight. I arrived around 9:15 pm due to hopping from Epcot after attending the Disney on Broadway concert that night. So in that time period I did: Magic Carpets, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tiki Room, BTMRR, HM, PPF, WtP, Space Mountain, Buzz Light-year, and the Peoplemover. Everything was a walk on except for PPF, Space, and BTMRR, and those had waits of 7-10 minutes (I timed them).

A few of the snacks/drinks stations had waits as well, but they weren’t long.

If I were to do it again, and I didn’t have other plans, I would enter the park at 7 pm and do the longer attractions, such as IaSW, JC, Tiki Room, etc in order to fit in more of the shorter attractions during the After Hours event.

As someone who is somewhat crowd adverse (I can handle crowds to a point, but then I start getting anxious & claustrophobic), the after hours events are definitely worth the cost.


I can’t answer your question but I’m doing DAH that same night. I also missed CoP on my last trip and it tops my must do list this time. So hoping someone has the answer for you (and me)!

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t think there is enough at AK for us either. We are not doing a park day at AK, so I thought DAH might be a way to fit it in, but I’m not sure we need to. Thanks for sharing the great MK pics. My son and I are so excited now!

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Thanks for the great info! I am now looking at Friday, Jan 31st. Surely it will be similar to your experience. I agree with your feelings about crowds. It’s definitely worth it to me too, just wanted to be sure the crowds are actually still low. Thanks again!

thank you all so very much! it seals the deal! i’m heading over to purchase those DAH @ MK tickets now! galuchies - those pics are amazing!!!

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Adding my DAH thoughts - my hubby and I used DAH as one of our “date nights” for our trip two weeks ago. We left our girls with my mom and we were off! We were there on Monday the 13th.

A couple of notes - our DAH was from 8:00 to 11:00 on a night that HEA was scheduled for 8:00. So while nobody could without a DAH wristband could enter the rides, the hub was still busy for HEA. Since we have young kids (1 and 5) this was really our only opportunity to see HEA so we arrived at 7, staked out a spot near-ish to the entrance to Tomorrowland but still in view of the castle. This allowed us to watch HEA (side note, first time seeing it and I LOVED it! I was a Wishes diehard fan but I cried multiple times, even my DH commented that it “hit him in the feels”) and then after HEA was over we worked against the flow of traffic for a few minutes to skip back through Fantasyland and get into the backside of the park.

We rode BTMRR multiple times with very little wait, until 9:00 when they closed down one of the sides so the wait was a little longer after that.

Don’t overlook rides like The Jungle Cruise. We road that later in the night and our Skipper Jackie (or Khaki Jackie as she called herself) was hilarious. I don’t know if she always changes up the spiel or if they were allowed to go more off-script during DAH.

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The park was near empty.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on here. The extra $ was a hard pill to swallow initially, but after experiencing it both my husband and I want to splurge again!


thank you!!! it was difficult to splurge, but we loved the halloween special event so it was easier to pull the trigger! and hearing all these positives was icing on the cake! now to adjust my touring mindset for that day and tweak my touring plan!

We have done it and loved it. But it is true there aren’t as many rides as MK (also loved DAH there). We were able to do EE ten times (DS insisted) and FOP twice (along with a few other rides).

I don’t think I would still be standing after riding EE twice. Its the only ride in WDW I can’t handle. Never used to be that way, getting older sucks.

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Honestly, I was barely standing and I love EE. Getting older does sucks.

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