D23 Expo

Has anyone been to the D23 Expo? We will be in the area during the conference and I was thinking about going, but it is so expensive. I am wondering what it is like and if it is worth the money.

I’ve never been, but it may already be sold out; I know the tickets go fast and there is virtually no such thing as a “walk up”…

I checked and it’s not sold out yet.

The only sold out day (so far) is Saturday; if they have 3-day tickets left you can still purchase for Saturday entry.

Have you ever been to an entertainment convention before? It’s very similar to Comic Con and others. Lots of lines, lots of waiting, but lots of fun. If you’re interested in just walking around and taking everything in, your best bet may be to visit in the afternoon. Lines tend to form around 6 PM for the next day’s events, and usually don’t wind down until 11 AM - 12 PM when everyone is slowly let inside. That said, Expo rules change from year to year, and we haven’t heard any updates on overnight queuing or line formation limits.

There are things to do beyond the big panels and smaller, limited attendance panels: 3rd party art and merchandise shopping, exhibit walkthroughs, and some floor shows. I’d check out the schedule and see if anything interests you before you commit.

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Thanks for the details. The lots of lines and lots of waiting would be a no-go. If it is just cool to walk around, we can deal with some crowds for a day, I will have to think about it.

Why don’t they have FastPasses for these events too? :wink:

As a matter of fact, there are Stagepasses and Storepasses! Unfortunately, they’re limited and you have to select them in person on the show floor, which requires getting to the floor at a decent time (aka, getting in line).

Ugh! Too much standing in lines. (I know the irony!) We can’t manage it. At least if DS decides he wants to do it in the future, we know what to expect.

I’ve seen pictures of people waiting in line at 4:00 AM to get in…

The folks at WDWMagic always have people there giving up to the minute updates all through the event - that’s how I get my news…

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Does D23 overload Disneyland or do people tend to stick closer to the expo? I’ve got a little time late Sunday and into Monday to try DL for the first time and I’m worried it’ll be bonkers.

(not interested in trying to attend D23.)

I visit Disneyland in addition to D23, as I’m sure others do. It’s also a weekend in July, so there may be an influx of locals/summer crowds.

The big draw on Monday 7/17 will be Disneyland’s 62nd anniversary AND the return premiere of Fantasmic! I’m assuming Disneyland will max out attendance at some point in the afternoon with people vying to see the show. I’ll still be there that day, but I plan on hitting up New Orleans/Critter Country attractions early on to avoid the area like the plague later in the day.

Thanks! I think these factors mean my first Disneyland experience should be some other day.

Please don’t let that discourage you :grin: My friends are flying in from NJ for their first time, and unfortunately that’s the way our plan worked. We’ll still have an amazing time exploring, and I’m thinking the rest of the park may be manageable based on Fantasmic frenzy

I’d be coming up from San Diego anyway- not super convenient. Will take my next chance instead. I definitely want to see the park pre-Star Wars.