D23 Expo 2019 - Who's In?

Hi friends!

Anyone got their tickets for next year’s Expo?

This will be my fourth expo, but my very first as a sorcerer (Yeah, don’t know how that happened. God bless my internet connection and my savings account).

Really looking forward to Star Wars updates, what’s next for Marvel post-Infinity War sequel, and general awesome Disney-ness! It’s also the 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion, so I’m really hoping there’s some awesome merch to celebrate.

A little nervous that Expo combined with Galaxy’s Edge opening may be INSANE, but looking forward to being a part of it.


I went back and forth and ultimately decided to skip buying tickets for NOW.

I figure if a group I’m part of offers a VIP experience or I somehow win tickets? Then I’ll go. But there was no way I could buy an sorcerers ticket after all the money I’ve already thrown at Disney this year! My husband would have KILLED me. :joy:

I do enjoy seeing all the social media posts while it’s going on though!! I don’t buy much merchandise, so that doesn’t excite me. The panels would be cool, but I’m not sure how I feel about the crowds.

Can’t wait to read your reports!!!


I did a mini-trip report for 2017 (before I burned out and totally forgot to finish), but three years of sleeping in the basement wore me down. Pretty sure 2019 is going to ruin me for future Expos in the best way. Hopefully I’ll actually have money next year to spend there :joy:


If I was on the West Coast you couldn’t keep me away- but it’s too far from FL for me to go…


Oh I so envy you right now @kristenabelle!! Please try to post if you are able to. I’d love to follow along!


I wish they switched coasts every other event. Not renewing my WDW AP unfortunately because this trip will pretty much be it for most the year.

I certainly will! Not sure when I’ll get the next update, but my countdown clock has begun :grin:

We’ve talked about going to D23 but hesitant to wait in lines and we have kids (not that we can’t make arrangements & enjoy D23 without them…we just never make the plans to do so).

But every year I love following social media along that time. So happy to see some Liner representation in that mix!!

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Hopefully I can keep everyone updated! :slight_smile:

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Totally understand if you can’t! I always go to DL with the intention to keep people at home updated, but there’s just so much to do, I never seem to find more than a minute or two to spare!

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I’m definitely a lover of Instagram stories, so that’s likely where I’ll be documenting everything I can. I’ll reshare my Insta handle before the Expo - right now it’s a little lackluster because I’ve been busy with work instead of life :joy:


I’m gong for the first time this year. I also was lucky enough to get a sorcerer’s ticket. I am hoping for a large display for Haunted Mansion. Also, I even booked my hotel last week. I’m just waiting for airfare to open up so I can have everything taken care paid for.

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I booked DLand Hotel as a standby, but I’m hoping Marriott at the CC will open soon so I can extend my trip

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DH and DD are going for the first time. DH isn’t sure he wants to go all 3 days. When is the schedule released to book just one day? He would prefer more Marvel events, and last time that was Saturday. Is there any consistency on that?

Typically (and unfortunately) the full schedule isn’t released until a month/a few weeks away. One of the “big” Marvel events is the highly popular live action film panel, which takes place on Saturday. Saturday is usually also the first day to sell out, ticket-wise.

Here’s last year’s schedule: https://d23.com/d23-expo-2017-friday-july-14/

Definitely Marvel-related stuff almost every day, plus a whole Marvel display on the show floor (last year’s had maquettes of Thanos’ 4 “children”)

And that doesn’t even include the signings (including Marvel stars), giveaways, etc. I’ll see if I can find the full one!

Thanks so much. I purchased the Saturday ticket. If the schedule shows more Marvel on another day I guess he’ll go twice!

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Hello! I’ll be attending my FIRST D23 Expo this year! I have watched/read every video/blog that I can to try and “prepare”, but I still have just a couple questions. I saw mention of wristbands being handed out for some of the panels while you’re in line. Can someone explain how that works? Also, do Gold Members have priority seating for the large panels?

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Hi there!

Regarding wristbands, the process varies from year to year and panel to panel. For example, if you line up overnight for a large panel (live action, animation, legends, etc.) you may receive a wristband at some point that guarantees you a seat. Wristbands can be different colors depending where you are in line. For signings on the show floor, some folks reported getting wristbands in advance (depending on the signing).

One of the biggest challenges for signings and smaller capacity things (IMHO) is figuring out how and when to line up or get wristbands for those events. Sometimes it’s not explicitly laid out in the program. My advice is to find someone with a cast member nametag or visit the signing area in advance to see what’s up.

There have been gold member lines in the past (though never guaranteed), and I don’t think they’ve said whether that’ll be available this year. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about the latter!

I know I will probably have to pick a few things to skip, since I know it’s impossible to see all the large panels. Like Live Action and Parks & Resorts on the same day…I watched a video that said you needed to be in line before 11:30 am for P&R, but don’t see how that’s possible if you’re still in Live Action. (based off 2017 of course). Same with Animation and Legends…