D23 Celebration

What effect will this have on crowd levels? Will it impact the entire week?

I’m not sure it would have a big impact as that weekend could be the start of an early thanksgiving week for people anyway. Resorts are pretty booked up right now for that time period but we should have rooms added between now and then. I’m booked the 15th to the 19th currently but was on the fence about staying the weekend before or after my reservation and this will push me to stay during it and go (D23 Gold so I can buy my ticket soon). That being said I’m not a weekend park person so I would be an example of someone that doesn’t impact wait times.

Our trip is planned for the same timeframe (15-20). We haven’t decided whether we want to extend through the weekend or not. If this was going to attract a lot of crowds then we would probably not stay through the weekend. Thanks so much for your response!