D23 2015 Who's Going?

I’m so excited my husband has gotten us tickets to D23 Expo this year. This will be our first D23 Expo This will also be my first trip back to DLR in over 20 years. My husband has only been to WDW. Wondering what we should expect. How much time should we plan outside of the expo for touring DLR. What do we need to think about to prepare for the expo etc…? Who else is going? Has anyone been before? What should we be expecting and preparing for?


Lucky!! One day… One day… :smiley:

Me!! :smiley: I went in 2013 and LOVED it. It was my first time at DLR, and I arrived Weds, left Sunday. I’m planning on making it a longer trip so I can enjoy the parks without the weekend/Expo crowds. I’ll probably arrive Thursday and leave Tuesday, or something like that.

Something I wish I would’ve known is the line policy. Officially, you’re not supposed to line up at the Convention Center before 5 AM. I arrived at the Convention Center around 4:45 AM (in full Belle costume), and saw that the line was just starting to form for the live film presentation. I was planning on going to the Expo floor first to get Disney Store/Dream Store swag. The signs weren’t very clear, but somehow I made my way to the back of the Convention Center to find hundreds and hundreds of people camped out (literally- tents, folding chairs, sleeping bags) for the show floor. I went from the entry line to the Disney Store line to the Dream Store line before it was 11:30 AM. Of course, there are less lines to wait in if you’re not interested in a lot of the Limited Edition merch. They have plenty of exhibits and vendor merch stands to enjoy. I took it much easier the next day, arrived a little after 9:30 AM, and it took about 25 minutes to get inside.

Make sure you’re a D23 member so you can enter the early entry line! Considering there’s a free level of membership, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t take the time to sign up and get in early.


DH and I just bought our tickets and booked our hotel on December 31!!! Neither of us have been to Disneyland or California Adventure before, and I have never even been to California at all! I am still pinching myself that I will get to go during the 60th anniversary! And I still can’t believe I am actually going to D23!!!


it’s our big family trip with my in-laws this year. We’re doing all 3 days, followed by a week in the LA area, 3 days at DLR. i haven’t been to DL in 11 years, and my wife has never been. Super excited to finally see DCA and hoping for the Star wars land announcements :slight_smile:


That sounds like fun! When is it? Sounds like a good excuse to see the Homeland for the 1st time.

August 14-16, 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center! https://d23.com/d23-expo/

Oh darn…we are actually going to WDW that weekend! HAVE FUN!!!

AAAAAHHHHH! i think with the announcement’s last night I want to add an extra park day to see the new things a couple times!


YES. I just booked my hotels! Convention center marriott for Weds-Sat, and Disneyland Hotel for Sat-Tues! Saved me some bucks (and hopefully more when Disneyland discounts come out waaay later this year).

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Anyone have any sense for when the D23 Expo site will start having more info on the event … i.e. what session there will be etc… Don’t they know I’m a Disney planning addict? I feel lost without any specifics to plan around.:slight_smile: I’m wondering if I should get park tickets as well for one or some of the days… Will there be so much going on I will never get time to go to the parks? Will I have some non expo time I want to fill by exploring the parks? So many questions:)

I think last year they announced the schedule over the summer. It was a lot later than I would’ve liked, honestly- I’m with you! :smile: That said, the time spent there depends on what you’d like to see. Last year, they started each day with a massive presentation for Animated feature films, live action feature films, and tech (one topic for each day), running simultaneously with show floor exhibits and merchandise sales. They usually ended the day with a musical presentation/keynote. I stayed for the Disney on Broadway concert, and the amazing Richard Sherman/Alan Menken concert (which I waited 4 hours for to get a great seat, no shame). I spent 2 days there, and I’m planning on doing the same this year. I’d like to see the live action presentations (hoping for some BATB/Marvel/SW details!) and I’m anticipating that they’ll have a Disney parks presentation with all the construction going on. I was more wiped out waiting in line, shopping, hauling my junk, touring exhibits, and watching presentations than I ever have been visiting any park. I didn’t get to see everything, but I had a blast with what I did see.

My DW and I are looking at going to the 2015 D23. Does anybody know if they will take Disney Gift Cards at the expo for merchandise or other special purchases? I’ve been stocking up with the Target deal, and I may want to use them at the expo.

They should! I believe they did last time, anyway.

The schedule is (kinda) out!! Day 1 is Legends and Animation, and Day 2 is Live Action and Parks/Resorts! This is perfect for me: I’ll be able to get my limited edition Expo merch on day 1 (hopefully) and line up for both presentations on Saturday! And then die of exhaustion Sunday :smile:

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We just got our D23 tix!! (Me and DW) I’m working to find out if the discounted park tickets come with MM, or if we’ll have to wait to get in with the “normal” people.