Cut through Castle between HEA and OUAT

I have a 9-10pm FPP for 7DMT.

My plan is to cut through the Castle after Happily Ever After and then cut back in time for Once Upon A Time (there’s a half hour window between them from 9:18-9:45pm).

Is this actually possible?

I do not think so. Usually even the pathway to the left of the cattle (by Sleepy Hollow) is closed before the fireworks. OUaT has fireworks too so I expect that they would have all pathways closed until after both shows?

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Noooo! So it’ll be impossible to get to 7DMT?

In front of the castle, on the right side, there is a path that leads towards the teacups. Head that way (try to be in that area) and as you get to the teacups, go to the left- Winniw the Pooh I’ll be on your left side, 7DMT on the right. It may be tough but 7DMT would be my priority- even if you are a couple of minutes late to Once Upon a Time.

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We’re doing the Plaza Garden view fireworks party, so it looks like we’ll be in a decent position to move straight to 7DMT via the route you suggest.

Do people tend to stick around for Once Upon A Time? Will it be easy to find a spot when we come back?

When I saw it the crowd really thinned out after the fireworks. You want to try to get in front of the castle but you do not need to be right up front. The crowd should be easily managed for Once Upon a Time.

If you are in the Garden view you may have to go with the crowd- straight towards Stitch, turn left when you see the Speedway- towards the teacups and then left after the teacups.