Customized Touring Plans & Recommended FP+

Why are none of my touring plans suggesting FP+ to book? I’m at 60 days tomorrow am and I have an idea of what to book but my customized plans don’t recommend any. Is this a fluke or what?

Here is our epcot plan with many headliners included, yet nothing is suggested for FP+ booking:

In the FastPass Reservations section, click the green plus next to Advanced Option, and set “FP+ Reservations in Group 1” to 2, and “FP+ Reservations in Group 2” to 1. The planner suggests a FP for any attraction that has it with a wait over 15 minutes, but sometimes, a new plan doesn’t set these defaults properly.

Aha! Thank you. They are both set to 0

For some reason when I mess with my personal TP they sometimes reset to 0, so remember to continually keep an eye on it!