Customised TouringPlans Technical Difficulties

I have experienced two technical glitches and would be grateful for the forum’s help.

Firstly, I have not been able to override an itinerary by moving a particular ride/attraction to a specific spot in the running order and then optimising everything else but with this constraint. For example, let’s say we decide to visit 7 Dwarves first when MK opens but want to optimise everything else, how does one do this? I have just clicked on the ride and moved it to pole position but it doesn’t seem to stay there.

Secondly, I have had difficulty in including fast passes on some optimisations. This is not a consistent problem. Has there been glitches in the last few days?

This does not sound like glitches to me.

In the first case, the Optimizer does not care what order you put things in - it will rearrange things in the best possible order. You cannot “freeze” one item and Optimize the rest - if you want to do this then the best thing you can do is create a “Break” for the appropriate amount of time and use it for the attraction in question. Often times people will create a Meal Break at the QS restaurant closest to the attraction in question in order to have correct walk times.

In the second case, the Optimizer will not use an FPP reservation if it can create a better plan without it. However, double-check that you have put in the FPP times correctly, as this is often the cause of unused FPP reservations.

The other option instead of making a break is to optimizer the plan and then move the attraction to where you want it, then evaluate to get new wait times. Don’t optimize again or it will move everything around again.

If you want to move stuff around you then use Evaluate button instead of Optimise to keep it in place