Custom Touring Plans - wait times seem way too short?

Subscribed to the touring plans and I WANT to just follow them exactly but the accuracy seems way off based on what I’ve heard from friends/family. For example, I’m plugging in Magic Kingdom for January 9, using their proposed park times since we don’t know yet (and access to early entry at 8:30) am and let’s assume I can get a Tron ILL for 10am - those are my variables. In the upload is what it all thinks I can do before 11:30am. It seems impossible?? How trustworthy is this really? I did both “optimize” and “evaluate” in that order to get this.

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Please ask anything & as often as you need!

I’ve been a Touring Plans subscriber for more than 10 years. They work! There are some caveats though.

You’re plan “assumes” you are at the front of the pack of people entering MK that morning right at 8am. This is the default. To do this you’ll have to be at the entry an hour or so before the park opens. If that’s not your plan then I’d put in a “meal”, for 5 minutes, at a place at the front of the park like “Plaza Ice Cream” at the time you think you’ll really be inside MK.

You plan assumes you are walking straight to each attraction with no delays or stops. (Random Magic, bathrooms, gift shops & etc…)

Tron is going to be the guess… When you do purchase & use the ILL you do, basically, walk-on the ride. A 5 minute actual wait isn’t crazy. When in doubt add a “meal” at Cosmic Rays for 10 minutes. That should pad your time!!

I might suggest putting in a 10 minute break at restaurants in / around your locations about every 2 - 3 steps. I don’t know if you are going solo or taking a family w/ small children. Right now, you are on a non-stop march. :smiley:

I do trust the wait times, but don’t know if you are trying to “speed run” the park or just putting it all in place to see the flow…

IME - You’ll do 2 - 3 rides by 9:30am - 10am easily - if you enter the park with the first 30 minutes and avoid 7DMT!

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Thanks for your ideas! It’ll be two adults, so we probably won’t need to make AS many stops but, we certainly will need them. I think maybe rather than using the custom tour, i should just use the one day adult one and just go in order w/out worrying too much about the exact start time on each step!

And yes, I doubt we will be right at the front of the pack so that’s good to know. I wish the custom plans accounted for a bit more of this. Maybe there’s a setting i should adjust?

ETA: i was more using the plan to see what the best order of operations should be - what to do first, what to do later, etc.

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I wouldn’t trust the wait times at this point. It’s been more than a month since I reported obviously bad data, and it still hasn’t been fixed. If something that egregious hasn’t been corrected, I doubt more subtle errors have been.