Custom Touring Plans - Choosing the Walking Pace?

I’ve been working on my custom touring plans for our upcoming visit. The first few days we will be a party of 7 that includes 3 average adult walkers, 1 slow adult walker (knee issues), 1 adult senior who will be using an ECV, and two energetic boys ages 3 and 12. I’ve been using the “relaxed” pace option when setting these up. Do you think that given the 1 slow walker and the ECV I need to revisit using the very relaxed pace? I know the ECV moves at a decent speed but also takes time to maneuver in crowds. Dates are December 21-23 if that matters. Opinions?

We are a family of 4, kids are now 11 & 14, but we still use relaxed pace. Between general wandering when moving between places, bathroom breaks and park congestion the relaxed setting gives you a little more leeway.

Even if everyone were in perfect health, fast walkers and focused on the plan, 7 is a lot of people to herd. Things just happen that take up time.

In fact, I also tend to add a general 15-30 minute break in each morning and afternoon plan in addition to meal breaks just to compensate a little more. If the break isn’t needed, we move on to the next thing, but I’d rather be ahead of plan than trying to play catch up.

I know TP takes CL and dates into consideration when crunching the numbers, but after a 1st trip where we pushed a little too much to keep up with the plan, I feel better with a buffer.

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Thank you for your input. I did use relaxed, I’m just thinking maybe I should switch to very relaxed.

From my experience don’t forget multiple toiiet breaks for wives after their morning coffee turn even fast paced into relaxed pace!!

Plus photo stops and snack stops etc

I think relaxed pace every time for the plans

I’m arriving on the 23rd Dec. I chose very relaxed. I figure I can always get ahead, but it’s harder to catch up and you just don’t know what might slow you down somewhere!

We are two fit 50 somethings, have resident APs, and use the CCs and TPs (to some extent). We use relaxed, and get way ahead of the plan- which is a good thing, since we are there for ambiance as well as attractions. In your situation, I would do very relaxed. We took our kids 7 times before the youngest reached 12, and despite a surge in energy out of the gates- that quickly dissipated. I am a disabled vet, and when my issues are acting up am in a chair- and when that happens we re-optimize to very relaxed. ECV’s can keep pace- but don’t want to be ‘one of those people’ that use an ECV as a ‘snow plow’ to get through crowds. The person with the ‘bad knee’ is the one I am most concerned about- as miles and miles and miles over pavement is going to be problematic over the course of several days in the parks. Just some of the reasons I think very relaxed is the best choice for your group. When you re-optimize, expect to lose some attractions. They simply won’t all fit, so you will have to prioritize. Good luck.

With the ECV, choose very relaxed. We were just there last week (Nov) with a scooter. I had chosen relaxed, but we were always behind. You can’t just scoot around, you do have to do a lot of waiting and going slowly through crowds. And then the rides… a few are scooter friendly, but most aren’t. Count on time to park it, get all your stuff out, help the person to the line, etc. Takes forever. And be aggressive about getting help for your disabled member! After one bad ride line experience, I was way more aggressive and cast members were more helpful. Talk to the cast member at the ride line before parking the scooter, because each ride seemed to have a different protocol.

Thanks for sharing your input. I think I’ll change them to very relaxed.