Custom touring plan wait times incorrect

I’m working on a few custom touring plans for next week at USF and IOA. Here’s an example (not sure if linking to a TP will work…):

You’ll notice that it’s estimating Hagrid to have a wait time of…8 minutes. Hulk is 4 minutes. Creating a new plan produces similar, but not identical results.

This one has Hagrid at 11 minutes, Hulk at 2 minutes.

Anyone else seeing things like this?

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I think you need to go to the edit button and change your settings to have your plan viewable by the public. I believe you can contact touring plans directly through the website too?

Yeah, here’s the first plan shared to the public: Custom Touring Plan: Thursday IOA

I’ll look into ways to contact them directly. Thanks!

Are you using Express Pass (UXP) in your Touring Plan? I know Hagrid’s doesn’t have it.

However, I’ve noticed that TP doesn’t do a great job with the Early Park Admission waits.

If you have UXP selected and doing EPA that may be the issue… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I’m going to try to recreate your published plan not using UXP and see if shuffling thigs around or removing anything changes the results…

EDIT - After doing 3 revisions of this plan I got, basically, the same results.

IMHO - I don’t think you’ll have an 8 minute Hagrid’s wait / 2 minutes for VelociCoaster / 2 minutes for Hulk. However, I know from multiple visits during the first week of February that UOR is soooo empty then! Last year I did every ride at both IOA & USF in one day WITHOUT Express Pass by visiting during this time! Thursday is one of the statistically lowest crowd days of the week! GL!!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you verifying what I’m seeing. We can’t wait! I haven’t been to WDW since I was in grade school, I’ve never been to UOR, and my wife and 5 kids haven’t been to any of it.

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Awesome! It’s such a fun place!

It’s super well themed and has as many great offerings as WDW…Heck a LOT of CMs also work at UOR too!

In size, it’s on scale with Disneyland. It’s got a lot to offer, but you can walk to everything once you are inside the resort. The on-site transportation runs like clockwork & you’ll be on a bus or boat typically in 5 - 6 minutes or less at your pick-up location!

Please, ask anything you want to before you go! There’s a core group of UOR fans here that love talking Universal & helping people’s first trips be successful!!