Custom phone case(s) made @ Walt Disney World or Disney Springs

Hey there!

Does anyone know (especially if you happen to be in the park today, or are going to the park soon) if D-Tech (I think that’s the store name) has custom phone case(s)?

Specifically, for the Galaxy Note 9… because I am shopping for a custom one, and we’re going in September of this year.

Thank you peeps!
~ Josie ~

I’m looking at the D-tech screen at Disney Springs now. Is this the phone? Or is this different than the note. This is the only Samsung 9 I see. I don’t know anything about android phones. :rofl:

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I just asked the CM who runs the case making machine and he said they don’t make them for that model. So sorry!! :frowning: Maybe that will change by the time you take your trip?

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Thank you so much @scrapper1617 for asking for me - you’ve just saved me tons of time and disappointment. I can shop for something on ETSY instead.

Thank you, thank you!

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You’re very welcome! I hope you find something on Etsy.

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