Custom Mickey Ears!

So I followed the tutorial here from TP and came up with these! Pretty happy with how they turned out, they aren’t completely finished yet (still need to glue small pink roses across the Sleeping Beauty one and I have small C3PO and R2D2 things to glue on to the Star Wars… Plus I think I might glue small rhinestones on the Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty ones (fact: you can never have too much sparkly stuff) but they’re like 90% done. Thanks for an awesome tutorial!


Where did you find that Beauty and the Beast fabric?? :heart_eyes:

Those are so cute!

Those are beautiful! I used the TP tutorial too. I made Moana, Evil Queen, Snow White and Animal Kingdom.


It’s at Joann’s! I think it’s called Beauty and the Beast stained glass or something like that. That fabric is what started my ear rampage :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Wow yours are beautiful! I really love the Moana ones, I was thinking of wrapping the Star Wars ears with red and blue glow in the dark bands to represent the lightsabers like you did
with the Animal Kingdom ears.


Wow, they are fantastic. I could not find the link for the tutorial, could send it to me?

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They look great! Nice job! I have this project on my “to do” list before our trip also, but I’ve got lots of ideas for me & my DD, not so many ideas for my DS. My husband probably won’t wear them, but we did get everyone an ear hat, so maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a photo or two with those! :grin:

I love those ears! but can’t find the tutorial. Can you send the link?

This is what I used

Be sure to share your completed ears :blush:

Another good tutorial using trim


thank you!!! Can’t wait to try some!