Custom Face painting question

Specific questions needing some expertise, my daughter is wearing a costume and I’m disney bounding on our next trip to galaxy’s edge. My daughter is going full Ahsoka. We’ve done it before at Disney without the face-paint, but this time, we are going all out. I think it would be the most fun to go to one of the booths in the park and have the painting done there. Will they paint something custom? If not, I’ve done it a ton myself. Will they let her in with it on?

I read on the official website they can do custom. Enjoy!

Thank you for the reply, I’ve read that too, I didn’t know exactly how to interpret that. I wasn’t sure if you could walk in with a picture and have them follow that. Or if they would just let you change a pink unicorn to a green one. I also wasn’t sure if they would let a child walk in the park with face paint that we did.