Current Rope Drop-Which Parks Still Allow Early Access?

Our trip is less than a week away, so I’m really trying to tweak our touring plans. This is what I’ve gathered from the most recent trip reports-please correct me if I’m wrong! AK, EP, and HS are still letting people in before official park opening, so it’s possible to hit a headliner before official opening if you are there for rope drop. MK on the other hand, is holding everyone in the hub until 9:00, so no early access there–is this correct?? I’d just like to take a minute to say thanks to everyone in this forum! I’ve asked a lot of questions recently and received a lot of good, current info. With all of the recent changes, I can’t imagine planning this trip without this forum, so thanks again!

I’ve been reading a ton to prep for my trip next month. What I saw from other boards from today at AK is that FOP was the only ride available before official park opening. All others, including Navi River, held until 8 AM. By 8:10 AM, the wait at FOP was 3.5 hours (verbally given by a CM), and ended up being about 2 hours. Hope that helps you plan!

Well that stinks! We’ll be coming to AK from an offsite hotel, so we’ll try to make rope drop, but I doubt we’ll be at the front since the parking lots only open 1 hour before. My plan was to hit Navi River while everyone else tried to get on FOP, then hit FOP later in the day. We might have to have several options to follow depending on how rope drop goes for us.

We’re onsite, but we will have our car and normally would drive. I’m seeing a lot of reports of those driving in being held at the toll booths and so, onsite guests arriving by bus or skyliner are getting in before those driving. Just in case you’re driving in and that info is helpful.

I have motion sickness issues so FOP is not on my agenda…and nobody else in my family is interested either. Thank goodness. I hope whatever plan you pick for FOP works for you!

Thanks! We’ll be onsite for the first part of our visit, so we’ll use Disney transportation to HS, EP, and MK. After that we’re moving offsite and will spend a couple days at Sea World and Discovery Cove. At that point, we’re staying in the same offsite hotel, but will come back to Disney for a day at AK and one more day at MK, but we’ll drive to those. Good luck with your trip. My family loves FOP, so you’re lucky if you can avoid that one. Great ride, but horrible lines. We’ve typically used FP+ for that, but we did rope drop it once before. We’ll see how things go.

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