Current Lyft restrictions- rides for a family of 6

Recently, has anyone successfully gotten an Uber or a Lyft with a family of 6? The vehicles that should hold my family are now limited to an empty front seat due to covid according to the Lyft guidelines. :thinking: not certain where I’m supposed to stow one of us… Or leave him or her behind… I guess I can tell them whomever complains the most gets left behind. :wink::wink::wink: If I am unable to get a ride I need to cancel an adr.

We will be a group of 7, needing 2 car seats. To simplify the morning getting to an ADR, I cancelled the breakfasts at other resorts that required a ride share and we will eat at our resort, still an ADR but less stress in the morning. My son in law was not comfortable about whether or not a ride share (2) would show up with car seats. I don’t need to have anything extra to worry about.

For a breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, we are going to take the bus to MK, go through security to get to the walkway to The Contemporary, and walk.

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Are there options for vans that have an 8th seat? There should be some of those available.

We are a family of five and took two Lyft rides. One had 7 seats and one had 8, so one extra for us. I think when you request the ride you can add a note to the driver and ask? Or it would tell you the kind of car? I wish I could remember. Actually it might work better (and not be much more) to request two regular vehicles instead of a Lyft XL. It’d only be a few dollars more.

Thanks for sharing your experience and your warm welcome! We finally got past car seats last year! :partying_face:

There’s an option to select your vehicle size. There were none that size in the advanced scheduling. I’ll have to try again closer to the date and see if there’s hope. Thanks!

We have used Mears several times while we have been in Orlando. They have vans and they had at least one car seat. I’m sure that you could request 2.

When you do your reservation with them, you tell them how many people you have and if you need any car seats.