Current info on Uber to MK

Does anyone have recent experience with Uber or Lyft getting to Magic Kingdom? I know Uber drivers are not allowed in to Contemporary if you don’t have a reservation. Are there hacks for being dropped off outside Contemporary. For example, I see a parking lot just off World Drive past the Contemporary entrance where there is more than enough room to drop off and turn around. Do you think an Uber driver would go there? Or, alternatively, what about the Floridian as drop off? Trying to avoid being dropped off at Transportation Center.

Just go to TTC

Or in this one case take the bus.


The Uber drop off at TTC is right next to the monorail/close to the ferry. It is quick and easy and actually could be less walking than many bus drop offs.


That lot is an employee lot, and will still need a keycard to get in and out, so that’s also a no go for Uber. Orange County Sheriffs are also posted outside CR, so doing anything on World Drive, itself, is a bad idea.

They want you to go to The TTC, sorry :frowning:


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I was just answering your question.

It truly is easiest to just go to the TTC or take the bus.

I’m not sure how my response offended you?


Let me rephrase the question. Is there any way to Uber to the MK and get closer than the TTC?

I appreciate what you’re wanting to do.

There still isn’t a way to do what you’re wanting to do without going to TTC


Sorry, point of the discussion was to try and avoid taking the bus or monorail from TTC as that can add up to half an hour to getting into the park for rope drop, early access etc. if you are staying at another part of the park.

What I am hearing is that you can’t realistically get dropped off at Contemporary anymore.



There were reports that Uber/Lyft drop off opened before cars (old report).

Is bus transportation from offsite hotels like Riviera, AK Lodge or Coronado direct to MK bus stop? Or do the buses make multiple stops?

What about Minnie Vans? I am reading they drop off at the MK bus stop? Can anyone confirm?

May I suggest a reservation for one person at Steakhouse 71? That’s a $10 parking upgrade for me, but I guess it’s a $10 Uber upgrade in your case.

Yes. Minnie Vans will
Get you to the bus depot area


Depends on the resort.

Not sure about Riviera

AKL and Coronado do not share but do make multiple stops in the resort itself (Coronado has more than AKL)

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Minnie Vans did this in 2019. I don’t know if they still do, but I suspect they do and would solve the issue for you.

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This is an interesting idea,thanks… So it’s a $10 cancellation fee, correct? And then I can Uber past security at CR?

When we stayed at AKL with 2 ECVs we had no trouble getting anywhere for RD using the busses. :woman_shrugging: AKL has 2 stops one at each lodge. Jambo is first.