Current game plan for December trip

After the announcement of RotR opening, the release of fall discounts (which resulted in a split stay upgrade!), and lots of versions of the spreadsheet, here is the current iteration of my plan:

A few notes about us & this trip:
-Our traveling party includes me, DH, DD5, DD3, DD10 months, and my parents
-This is not our first trip, but rather is a bit of a do over from our 2017 trip. My parents did not get to enjoy much of that trip due to my grandmother getting progressively worse during our stay. She passed away about a week after we returned home.
-Yes it’s a lot of TS, but everyone loves to eat. My kids do great at sit down meals & love meeting characters.
-We are trying to squeeze in a less busy trip to HS pre-RotR then may revisit later in the week. None of us are crazy about SW, so it’s not a must-do for us.
-My ADRs are a hot mess from all of the changes that are ongoing. I’m just going to keep looking for options & set the reservation finder to adjust things as needed.
-Not knowing if EEMH will be extended is really throwing a wrench in my plans!

I welcome comments & suggestions!


It looks very sane and well thought-out to me. If you can get the ADRs, would it make sense to swap the morning meals for 12/6 and 12/8, to not have to travel back to MK after Chef Mickey’s or 'Ohana? And did you already experience Pandora by night on your previous trip or are you happy with just morning AK time?

We will be at the same MVMCP! :smiley:

Are you used to PH so much? Seems you are hopping every day. Personally, I don’t enjoy so much hopping.

I would reconsider your morning plans on 12/6. After a party, my crew won’t budge from bed until 8am and even then, they are slow moving.

Have you stayed at POP before? Do you have your own car? Have you done midday resort rests before? These can backfire for my family.

This is a really good thought. I’ll see if I can switch them. My ADRs are a mess because I have multiple backups for each day because of Star Wars opening. Until I know if EEMH are extended, I feel like I can’t commit to my parks 100% yet.

Fun! If we get the chance, we should try to meet up. My kids will be almost 1, 3, and 5 years old. Would be fun to get a picture of our posse of kids :slight_smile:

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We did some PH last fall & the previous trip. My kids need midday downtime. They start to fall apart after about 4 hours of touring, so a midday break is usually a good thing for us (or at least on the past 2 trips it was). Part of the hopping is trying to take advantage of staying at BC and being walking distance to two parks.

I’m planning to play it by ear after MVMCP. I doubt we will last until midnight. Probably more like 10:30-11 time frame. I’m planning like a 10am meal time with 11, 12, and 1 FPP or something along those lines. My kids tend to still wake up early every day of our trip, so we just will compensate with our early bedtimes the next two nights.

Thank you for helping me think this through. My goal this trip is to try to be really flexible & relax more. I am hopeful that we can really take advantage of BC & the pool to help us wind up our trip in a more relaxed manner.


It would be my first liner meet!! Yay!

I feel you on this one. It’s so hard to plan with so many variables still up in the air!!

Looking back at your plans…

BBB … on a pool day - I would not want to spend all that $$ on BBB and then get in the pool a few hours later. But that’s me!

Are you going to take the boat from epcot to HS on those park hopping days? 12/8, 12/9.

Also I would swap your full Epcot day and have that be on a day you are staying at BC. The walk from BC to EP is a lovely walk. And going to France for breakfast - yummy!