Current FOP wait times in 2018

Touring plans note that FOP wait times is 180 Minutes plus all day long. To me not being an expert in interpreting the results, if I get there 45 min prior to rope drop we may still need to wait 2 plus hours.

I want to try rope drop but my family will be upset if we only get on a few rides before noon.


If the park opens at 9:00 and you are there by 7:30 you will be off the ride a little after 9:00 ( keep in mind they will be putting people on the ride before 9:00). For an 8:00 opening I think a little before 7:00 will work.

If you are off the ride at the time all the other attractions are opening you can do almost everything in 4-5 hours.

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We are going to attempt to rope drop on a morning EMH day… I keep telling my kids they cannot be moving even ten minutes late that day (they are 1, 4, and 6 so they don’t really get it).

Between this and the recent mis-prediction of a CL 2 that turned out to be an 8 I’m pretty nervous about our AK days. Oh well, we get what we get and we won’t throw a fit, and if it’s too awful we can bail and head somewhere else.