Current attempt at planning next Thurs 3/18 at HS

Last WDW visit was 2014, group of 3 adults and 2 kids ages 12/10, they were 4/5 when we went last…

7am - ROR BG attempt
Arrive 745am for 9am opening
hopefully ROR
Star Tours
Frozen Sing Along (pray for us)

As of right now we don’t have any ADRs (eek!). I have alerts set to try and get Oga’s anytime and 50s for dinner, am thinking Docking Bay mobile order for lunch their menu looks appealing to my crew.

So try and get as much as we can done in the am, grab lunch and then when crazy leave for a break, come back later afternoon for dinner reservation or mobile order I guess and then do SDD, ToT and RnRC…and will have to put TSM in there somewhere we love that ride…

Have a 750pm reservation at Droid Depot

Beginning to think I need to split my list into an am touring plan and then a side list of “ride anytimes” until we are done and then optimize upon return to parks in PM for remaining must dos…

Any advice on mobile orders other than order early? Not seeing any walk up wait list options this week so I doubt that will be an option next week. Anyone think we might be able to do MMRR and then walk up to Oga’s? Anyone been able to do MMRR twice and then hit MSFR? I’m going to have to create an access database to track all these variables…

With the ages of your kids, I would consider TOT first, then MFSR. Not sure if your crew would want to do MMRR twice or if it’s even worth it at rope drop. SDD first may even be a better option than MMRR.

TOT seems to have the longest waits with the very limited capacity.

Great points thank you @bebe80 ! They definitely are thrill seekers. So you’d recommend ToT then SDD or ToT then MSFR? I am really lost as to how to tackle this day…

Maybe catch SDD later if the crew feels like it. It’s just a kiddie coaster, great theming though.

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I agree with ToT first. It seems like it has had the longest lines recently. A vlogger recently noted that it has a lower ride capacity and takes longer to load and unload, and that is why it gets such long lines compared to MMRR and SDD. The other two get long lines, but it seems like there are longer windows of time when they aren’t quite as long

Ok great! Plans updated to ToT then MFSR.


I’m having similar issues with my plan. When using TP I’ve never waited for more than 15 minutes for a ride. I have wait times up to 59 minutes right now. Does this really seem right?

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Yes, you will probably wait that long for one or two rides per day, especially at HS where there are few rides and they are virtually all headliners. You should expect to wait on average 20-40 min per ride, even for rides that used to be walk on, simply due to capacity restrictions.

On the bright side, lines will move quickly and you will almost certainly not wait MORE than an hour for any single ride. Also, if you rope drop (arriving at health check 60 min before official park opening) you can avoid the longest waits on the most popular attractions.

ETA: The Touring Plans Blog does these great daily posts that give you an idea of wait times at each park and for major attractions:


Oh man! Well, at least our kids are teenagers and not toddlers! I guess we’ll plan on RD and hope for EMM! Thanks!

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Another bright side: actual wait times submitted by Liners are often between 50-70% of the posted wait times. So expect you will wait the posted wait time, and you will often be pleasantly surprised with a somewhat shorter wait!