Current attempt at planning next Sat 3/20 at AK

Last WDW visit was 2014, group of 3 adults and 2 kids ages 12/10, they were 4/5 when we went last…

Arrive 7am for 8am park open (close 8pm)
Can’t decide if we head to FOP or Navi first. Pandora was not open last time we went so this is top of list.
Grab Wilderness Explorer stuff
It’s Tough to Be a Bug
Not sure if we should do animation station or not, mine loved that last DL visit but we haven’t seen Raya so I don’t know if they would have as much interest drawing a character they don’t know…
no lunch ADR so thinking Satu’li mobile order for lunch, alternative would be Landry’s card for Y&Y but right now we have ADR for that at 5pm…

After lunch EE, Dinosaur, trails and shows? Or could save EE and Dinosaur for after dinner…

This is our last day (of 4) and my kids are older/athletes and we will be checked out of condo so thinking we just stay through this day until we are done with our list. Might have to add in some adult beverages and relaxation station breaks or just stand in line until we get it done. Anything I missed?

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Just saw your MK post, too. We’re going to be park twins, those two days. Our plans even sound similar!

I’m tempted to just blindly follow the “optimize after every ride” touring plans. We’ve never done that before, but I’m worried about crowds that weekend.

I’m planning a long, leisurely brake at the Sacred Spaces for lunch. Hoping that’ll get us out of the crowds for a while.

Weather is looking awesome for Saturday!

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Yay!!! I’ll pm you! Would love to share intel in the park if you’re interested! I’m struggling on plans. I’d optimize but for whatever reason it takes FOREVER every time and I swear I’ve got adult ADD I can’t handle it. During a meal? No problem. Trying to walk and figure out where to go? Swear monster emerges…,

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OMG, me too. I haven’t been able to submit a wait time because I can’t work the app fast enough. (Sorry TP community). I’m hoping I can get DS to do it this time. It’s the first year he’ll have a phone along.

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You’ll love this last time (2014) I kept all times in notes on my phone and just emailed it to Len at the end of each day. :rofl:. Different times!


Oh this is a no brainer, FOP! If Navi is a long wait, consider skipping altogether.

Oh wow really? We haven’t done anything Pandora and had kids watch the movie the other day.

So what’s long? Does anyone ever do FOP twice or is that really not possible (esp with spring break crowds)? Like if we get off FOP and Navi is x then skip and go to Tough then KS @bebe80?

We were going to do twice last week. But it’s hard to walk on the first time and then wait 30 minutes for the exact same ride. We chose to go over to Dino and EE(twice) after FOP, and they were both walk on. Tough you can do anytime, even at peak crowds.

My kids did Navi when they were 8 and 10. Pretty and neat boat ride, but not great for thrill seekers.

Excellent points. So maybe we do this:

Is advice still to do KS in the am?


Wait times for KS peak by noon and then go down all afternoon.

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Yeah I’m wondering if I need to move KS up. My girls don’t really remember AK and if I recall the animals are out/more active in the am…

I am planning on skipping this unless my kids really beg to do it, because I found out that you can watch the old Hollywood Studios animation experience videos on Disney Parks Youtube channel. It’s not on the fancy paper, and I can understand wanting to do it there for the experience and souvenir. I’ve decided that it’s something we can easily do at home and spend that time in the park doing something else. Of course if my kids see that it’s a thing and would rather do that than the affection section then we’ll do it.

I think it depends on how hot it gets on that day.

This is epic! Thank you so much! We will definitely save the sketching for at home!

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